Reserve Osmosis System

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Brief introduction of reverse osmosis system

Reverse osmosis process uses semi permeable spiral wound membranes to separate and remove dissolved solids, organic, pyrogens, sub micron colloidal matter and bacteria from water Feed water is delivered under a pressure of approximately 16kg/cm2 through reverse osmosis membranes Water permeates the minute pores of the membrane and is delivered as purified water impurities in the water are concentrated in the reject stream and flushed to drain Reverse osmosis is capable of removing 90-99% of total dissolved solids (TDS), 99% of organic, including pyrogens and 99% bacterial in the feed water Flow chart raw water-raw water tank-raw water pump-sand filter-carbon filter-softener (optional)-security filter-high pressure pump-reverse osmosis system-pure water tank-UV sterilizer/ozone generator (optional)-water supply points


  • Can produce pure water continuously and highly automatic
  • No need chemical to regeneration, easy operation
  • Reserve Osmosis Plant‎ uses imported USA DOW membrane
  • Automatic switch on when low water level, and switch off when high water level
  • RO membrane can wash automatically and reduce pollution
  • Water shortage protection for multi-stage pump
  • Production water conductivity meter can test the monitoring quality on line continuously
  • Low operation cost and long lifespan
  • PC program controller 
  • Easily control and maintain
  • Auto membrane flushing
  • Environment-protection, low power consumption
  • Auto flush/backwash


  • Electronic industry: pre-filter for ultra-pure water, chemical products and pure water
  • Food and beverage industry: filter for mineral water, wines and fruit juice
  • Medicine industry: filter for drug liquid, gases
  • Chemical industry: filter for organic solvent
  • Petroleum industry: filter for oil-field flooding
  • Power system
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Medical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Brackish water desalination

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